We plot a unique course for each client to help them reach their destination, but the navigation principles behind those don’t change. Silver Crescent takes the best of the traditional tools and combines them with the latest technological advances, the combination of which gives you the ability to weather the storm and adjust course as market conditions change.


What is marketing? It’s more than a website. It’s more than being on YouTube. It’s the process of developing and positioning products and services so that people not just want to buy them, but become advocates for your brand. Our integrated, wholesale approach delivers the results you want with minimal investment. See some examples of our marketing work.

Public Relations

Image is like a sandcastle; it takes much longer to build than to destroy. By maintaining strong communications with media and other key stakeholders we determine which tactics and strategies will foster positive attention and emotions toward your organization. Then we make it happen for you.

Strategic Planning

The Coast Guard advises boaters never to leave port without a float plan. The same goes for your business. Are you on course? Like a float plan, a strategic plan maps the direction of your business and establishes the milestones you need to meet your objectives. Where are you now?  Where do you need to be? Silver Crescent helps you clarify your business vision and map out your long term objectives—and then helps you achieve them.


Corporate Communications

Just because it’s corporate doesn’t mean that it has to be boring. What’s important is that your message is communicated to your audiences in the way that they want to receive it and it leaves a lasting impression.



Your brand is more than just a logo. It’s a philosophy, a promise, a symbol of what you and your organization stand for. We can help you develop your brand so that you can show it, speak it, and live it. Here’s some examples of our branding work.

Fund Raising and Corporate Events

It’s your party; you can plan if you want to. Silver Crescent can plan if you don’t. From the big details like location and theme, all the way down to the invitations, we are here to help. Here are a few events we’ve been a part of.



When not just any photo will do, trust our Studios division to help you capture not just the moment, but the feeling too. Our team of photographers excels in events, weddings, sports, products and animals, as well as journalistic-style shoots. Our clients love the images we capture. For our photography portfolio check out Silver Crescent Studios.


Some of the most classic images you remember are advertisements—“Uncle Sam Wants You” “Drink Coca-Cola.” Think of the emotion those images create in your mind, the actions they make you want to take. Is it time to give your advertising more punch? We can help you advertise across all forms of media: newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, online. Inspire your customers to action!

Social Media

Morse code and Myspace are so yesterday! Today it’s Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Foursquare, blogging, micro-blogging, and the list goes on. You need a partner to position you for success across all channels of media. We can do that. And maybe we’ll even teach you some Morse code while we’re at it! See how our clients are using social media.


Think of building a website as planning a vacation. You have to decide where to go and when. You immerse yourself in timetables, technical details, logistics, pricing, and other things you’d rather not deal with while you dream about relaxing at your destination—a website for your organization. Let us make your website development smooth sailing for you. Silver Crescent handles the details; you provide the vision. The result is a website that gets you the results you need.


Writing and Editing

Think back to a time before spell check. It wasn’t quite the dark ages but it sure feels that way! We have preserved the art of writing, not just in 140 characters or less, but as complete thoughts, sentences and ideas. Don’t trust your written word to just anyone.


Partnerships and Community Relations

A partnership is an opportunity to build a mutually beneficial relationship with another organization. Silver Crescent excels at not just identifying potential partners for their clients, but actually creating and managing the partnership to ensure that everyone involved achieves their goals.