Oh, those silly Kardashians…

So I’m sure everyone is aware that Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from her husband of 72 days, Kris what’s-his-name. Their $10 million fairy-tale Hollywood wedding will rest in peace. But some folks are wondering, was this marriage real, or just a sham created to give even more publicity to this famous family?

I’m torn. Since I’m getting married ONE MONTH from today, I am a huge believer in the sanctity of marriage (always have been). So the fact that this girl is throwing in the towel after just two months, well, that suggests to me that she was never 100 percent in it to begin with. It also makes me sick to my stomach that this reinforces the modern view on marriage, which is entirely different that what it is designed to be.

Another question that enters my mind after this whole fiasco is whether this reality-show phenomenon is going away anytime soon. We’ve all seen reality romance go awry, more times than not. Have any Bachelor’s or Bachelorette’s on ABC ever lived happily ever after? Maybe one.

So at what point does this K family turn the cameras off and live their own lives how they want, and not in the ways that they think will bring them more fame and fortune?? You can hardly turn on the television nowadays without seeing a Kardashian being interviewed or talked about. And Keeping Up with the Kardashians is aired so much on the E! network, I often joke they should change the name to the K! Channel.

So while Kim and Kris seemingly won’t even experience the honeymoon phase, the rest of us normal people are left to decide what marriage means to us. While I highly disagree with Kim’s decision to give up (if it was, in fact, real), that doesn’t mean I can’t watch Kim’s Fairy Tale Wedding: A Kardashian Event when it airs for the millionth time. After all, I’m planning a wedding, too.


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