New Year, New Adventures

Like many of you, I, too, formed a few resolutions for the New Year. And like many of you, I’m still working on how to fulfill them and stay strong with my resolve. As a small business owner, I try to reinvent my goals and set new milestones every year to make sure I stay current and have something tangible to measure my success by. I believe it’s important for us entrepreneurs to make big plans and to keep growing as businesses and as people.

The New Year brings with it new adventures, new friends, and new opportunities. I’ll be keeping my mind open, scouting new clients, or working hard on the projects for my existing ones. All this business soul-searching made me wonder what other small business owners like me are looking to do in the upcoming year and what their resolutions were. According to some open forums and various studies here are the top New Year’s resolutions for small business owners in 2012.

  1. Attract new customers. 57% of small business owners in one survey said their focus was on attracting new clients.
  2. Go Mobile. With the spread of smart phones, more users access the internet through their phones. About 15 % of all Google searches today are from mobile devices. Time to make your business internet search friendly and to make sure your marketing strategies are mobile friendly. A well designed website is a good starting point. Try navigating your own website through an iPhone or Android to see how it’s set up.
  3. Go local. The online world has become an important place to connect with your local community. Mobile users often interact with local places and things. Put your business on local listings on search engines.
  4. Support small businesses. Check your current providers and suppliers and switch to a small, preferably local one. As a small business owner yourself, you ought to support other small businesses.
  5. Delegate. Share the workload by delegating other tasks, either by outsourcing work or by giving tasks to contractors or assistants. By freeing up your time, you can concentrate on growing your business and driving revenue.
  6. Invest in socialization. Market your business with social media. There are plenty of options such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Use social media to establish a presence to promote your company. If you can’t keep up with all the new media outlets, skip to the next resolution.
  7. Hire a Social Media Manager. With over 625 million Facebook users , 175 million Twitter users, and 135 million LinkedIn users, your company needs to be there.
  8. Update your website. Don’t neglect your website with out-dated and inaccurate information. This is where all your social media directs traffic, so keep content relevant and engaging.
  9. Invest in SEO. Make your website visible and search friendly by making use of Search Engine Optimization. If people can’t find your website, what good are your social media marketing efforts?
  10. Spend more time with the family. It’s easy to get caught up in growing your business. Don’t work yourself too hard—regularly reward yourself with some TLC. Leave work early one day, treat yourself to a massage, and spend more time with the family.

I’ll try to keep a few of these in mind and work them into my own plans for the New Year. And if other business owners are trying to fulfill some of these resolutions, it looks like I might be able to help them out while I’m fulfilling some of my own.


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