Therese Gordon

Privacy Policies, who reads them and why?

Whenever you browse the web, each company’s website that you visit will urge you to read their privacy policies and agree to their terms. These privacy policies are there to inform the visitor of who the company is, how they will collect, use and store your personal information and how a customer can control that .. read more

I admit it…I am a pinner. I want to live in the virtual world that is Pinterest, wear my Pinterest wardrobe, eat my pinned recipes and visit the fabulous places and interesting people I find pictures of on there. It’s amazing how time flies as you are happily pinning away. If you have been online .. read more


Keeping up with the Joneses

We have all had our faces rubbed in a friend’s or neighbor’s latest purchase of their new car, latest high tech toy, or something as simple as an espresso machine. Many of us may be just as guilty of bragging about our latest luxury purchase to said friend or neighbor as well. Keeping up with .. read more

New Year, New Adventures

Like many of you, I, too, formed a few resolutions for the New Year. And like many of you, I’m still working on how to fulfill them and stay strong with my resolve. As a small business owner, I try to reinvent my goals and set new milestones every year to make sure I stay .. read more