I’m sure most of you are familiar with LinkedIn by now; even if you have yet to join at least you’ve most likely heard about it. LinkedIn has become one of the top three social media networks among Twitter and FaceBook and is the world’s largest online professional network. It’s a great tool for creating, .. read more

It’s OK to say No

Saying No. It’s a struggle I see every day with friends and business associates. We want to do more. We want to do everything. But sometimes we shouldn’t. It’s those situations where we need to say “No.” But it’s hard—very hard. Just look at all the foster dogs and birds who have temporarily resided with .. read more

Savoring our Sunday Evening in Charleston

Sunday night we were invited to Savor Charleston’s inaugural dinner with Chef Jacques Larson and his team from Wild Olive and wine specialist Trish Digliodo of Vidalco South Carolina. Combine the well paired food and wine with the beautiful books for sale at Heirloom Book Company and fresh flowers provided by Charleston Wedding Studio and .. read more

Email’s Subliminal Branding Messages – What’s Your Domain Saying About You?

Have you seen The Oatmeal sketch on what your email address says about you? (In fair disclosure I have both my own domain and an old Gmail account). Turns out that cartoon is not too far from the truth according to a new survey by Visible Logic. What’s the first impression people have when they .. read more

Professional attire is always…professional

’Tis the 3-H season in Charleston—hazy, hot, humid. And with the rising temperature comes the shedding of layers of clothes, hopefully in a tasteful, professional way. So what is appropriate office attire in the summer? Maybe it’s easier to identify what is not appropriate. A recent career survey found that 71% of people thought flip .. read more