I admit it…I am a pinner. I want to live in the virtual world that is Pinterest, wear my Pinterest wardrobe, eat my pinned recipes and visit the fabulous places and interesting people I find pictures of on there. It’s amazing how time flies as you are happily pinning away. If you have been online lately, chances are that you too are involved with, or at least have heard of, Pinterest; the hottest new social media phenomena sweeping the Web.

Pinterest is an online visual bulletin board chock-full of images and photos. It gives people the ability to save, display and organize images and ideas into boards for specific categories and to follow pin boards curated by other members. You create your own virtual pinboard by collecting images that you like such as new clothes, cars, home décor, recipes, art, an inspiring statement or cute pictures of puppies. You can re-pin photos you like as your own, follow other pinboards or follow Pintrest users. When you pin something new, your followers will see it and can comment, like or re-pin it to their own boards.

Some of Pinterest’s most common topics are weddings, baby showers, outfits, recipes, hairstyles, makeup, crafts and decorating. Although the majority of followers are women, the site also offers pins for men with topics such as music, books, movies, travel and healthy living.

All this fantasy living aside, what can Pinterest do for your business? Pinterest launched in 2010 and has experienced tremendous growth; the website jumped from 1.6 unique visitors in September to more than 7 million visitors in December of last year. The social media site is becoming a valuable marketing tool for businesses. According to a new report by Shareaholic , Pinterest is driving more traffic to company websites and blogs that YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined!

Start with creating an account to connect with potential customers and take the opportunity to showcase your services or products. By using the “pin it” button for your website, you can draw attention to the content on your website for Pintrest users to pin on their boards and you can then track what of your content is being pinned. This way you can get users to like and re-pin your company’s images and products and you will have more control over what people say about you, your products and services.

Since Pinterest is such a huge traffic referred, use interesting images to drive business to your website. The more interesting and unique the image, the more likely users will click on it for more information. Tell users about your products and services by including a description of the photo and a link that leads to a specific page on your website.

Many bloggers are now using Pinterest to get the word out about their blogs, so utilize Pinterest to direct users to your company’s blog. Again, intrigue users by using gripping images to accompany your post and to increase the likelihood that users will click on it to learn more and get directed to your blog. The more users that pin your image to their pinboards, the more traffic get directed to your blog.

Make your images mobile-friendly. More people are accessing the internet from their smartphones these days so make sure your images are Pinterest-friendly. Try pinning a photo on Pinterest yourself to see what it looks like on a mobile, repinning images from a website makes them appear differently on Pinterest. Accompany the image with clear and concise information to tell users exactly what the image is and what it’s about or else no one will be able to find it.

Whether you are on Pinterest for personal use or to attract new buyers and increasing sales, one thing is for sure: the best images attract the most attention and followers. Give it a shot, set up an account and start pinning today. Follow my pins!


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