The Center for Birds of Prey

The Center for Birds of Prey

Silver Crescent’s partnership with the Center for Birds of Prey began when Silver Crescent founder Jennifer Heisler delivered an injured bird to their medical center. Heisler and her colleagues enjoy working with non-profits to make a difference in the Lowcountry community. This organization is especially extraordinary, as the birds routinely come to the Center due to injuries caused by humans, and the Center works to rehab and release those birds back into their natural habitats.

But the Center doesn’t only treat injured birds; the organization also has an educational component that is designed to keep those injuries from occurring in the first place. Their mission is special, giving area residents and visitors a new appreciation for these majestic creatures.

Silver Crescent has worked to increase visibility of the Center within the community, expanding its reach all the way to Myrtle Beach and increasing the number of visitors.

In addition, Silver Crescent has assisted with a number of special events for the Center including Wild at Bulls Bay and Wild at Wingswood, both featuring Jack Hanna, Owls by Moonlight, and the Bulls Island Safari. Silver Crescent has also assisted in aggressive public relations efforts, marketing, and community partnerships, and has provided hundreds of high-quality photos.

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