Puppy Crack

Puppy Crack

Having had dogs that were “crack addicts” before Puppy Crack officially launched, Jennifer Heisler and Silver Crescent jumped at the chance to help this entrepreneurial and creative client.

Puppy Crack, a line of all-natural dog treats, came about thanks to Wendy and Daniel Dorchester’s love and nutritional concern for their dogs. After playing around in their kitchen at home, the couple created a recipe for what became Puppy Crack: treats using fresh beef liver, chicken liver, and other wholesome ingredients.

After resounding acceptance from their own pets, the Dorchesters partnered with Jan and Brian Lambert to start Rescue Me Dog Bakery and manufacture Puppy Crack for other dogs.

Silver Crescent has assisted Puppy Crack in designing new packaging and provides ongoing marketing consulting and social media maintenance. Look for more from them as they continue to grow!

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