Increasing Awareness
The first step to achieving your goals is to make sure people know about you and what you have to offer them. Silver Crescent helps you get noticed through word-of-mouth, social media, news articles, press releases, public relations and all forms of communications.
Driving Sales and Donations
Success comes in many forms. We help you succeed by analyzing your business strategy and identifying recurring revenue streams to maximize your cost effectiveness and return on investment.
Inspiring Action
We get customers through your door. We inspire them to get involved in your cause. We use our contacts to build relationships and referrals. Silver Crescent Consulting makes it happen.

What We Do

From plotting and navigating a course to being the steady hand during a sudden storm, Silver Crescent will be your partner, helping you achieve your goals and expand your horizons. read more

What We’ve Done

We’ve sailed the seas of business before. From branding to marketing and from public relations to strategic planning, we’ve experienced much more than just fair winds and following seas. check it out!

What We’re Saying

Ahoy! Our blog gets you information much quicker than any message in a bottle. Stay up to date with the latest scuttlebutt about marketing, communications, PR, and the occasional nautical tidbit. read more


Silver Crescent Consulting helps small- to mid-sized companies and non-profits plot their course and navigate the ever-changing business waters with affordable business strategy, consulting, marketing, and public relations services. With experience in all varieties of communications and audiences, the team takes the best practices from each to fuse strategic thinking with on-target execution. Plus, we knows how to do more with less—with the right approach you can make a big difference, even with a limited budget. Let us show you how! read more


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